Who I am
I am the father of a former high school ski racer (she graduated in 1995) who got interested in timing ski races over 20 years ago and I have gradually developed my own computer software to enter race times and generate hardcopy results to post and distribute at XC ski & running races.   I also post results on this web site (see Results Page). 
I have been doing ski race timing for over 20 years and cross country running races for over 15 years and have improved my own software over that period to efficiently enter start and finish times and to instantly calculate race results, including team scores, specifically for High School race scoring.  I have run the timing for many high school ski races for over 18 years working with volunteers and coaches to assure speedy entry of start and finish times and generating results within minutes of the time the last finisher comes in.  I have timed a number of citizen races for over 15 years, although that is not my specialty, and I can generate age group results based on the 5 or 10 year age groupings commonly in use as well as overall winners for each gender.  I also have worked with a professional timing company on many occasions, assisting their crew and learning to use many types of sophisticated timing equipment, although I don't have all types of equipment myself.

What I provide
I provide two volunteer operated timing machines that feed finish times via bluetooth directly into the race database on two high speed laptop computers networked with the race computer and a 20 PPM laser printer to produce fast, quality printed results for posting and distributing as packets after your race.  I provide Bib recording sheets, clipboards and other useful items for use by your volunteers at the start and finish lines.  I provide computer generated random order ranked start lists to coaches and starters prior to race time (see Race Start Lists Page) and post hard copy race results at the race site.  I also post race results on this web site (see Results Page).  On request I email results to area newspapers or other concerned parties the same day.  My minimum requirements are a room with a standard electric outlet (winter), a large table and enough heat to keep the room above 60 degrees F.  I use a tent and can generate my own power in the summer and fall.  I do not need to have a view of the finish line although that is desirable.  I use Bluetooth wireless with a 300 foot range to get automated input into the computer database, so I need to be closer than 300 feet from the finish line.  I also provide one double sided 6 inch yellow "flipping" digit display clock to be used at the start line and/or finish line for racer and spectator viewing of the running clock time.

What Do I charge ?
I do not charge for my services - it is not my intent to earn income but to try and provide quality timing results for race events such as High School races and small citizen races that don't have the budget to pay for professional timing services that use sophisticated timing equipment and must charge sufficient fees to pay for the upkeep on their equipment and for their time and personal expenses.  I do welcome reimbursement for my personal expenses - such as travel mileage, race bibs or tags, paper and printer toner and other supplies I go through during a race.  If I have to stay overnight prior to a race I would also incur costs for a motel.  I do not charge for my labor since I am not in the timing business.  I am retired and don't need extra income but only desire to be reimbursed for my costs so I don't lose money by providing this service.  I'm considered a volunteer at the direction of the race director and must be covered by any insurance that covers the other volunteers at the event.

How to contact me

*** Please note we are not taking on any new races at present ***

For other information I can be reached at:
218-387-1767 (home land line).

email me at:   timing@boreal.org (preferred)
or use the Visitor Feedback page on this web site (see button above on the left)

post office mail is:     Steve Deschene 
                               170 Linnell Rd.
                               Grand Marais, MN  55604-2121

For your convenience an Entry Form is available on this site to send your list of racers to me which automatically emails them to me.  Use the "Entry Form" button above on the left to go there.